MMTA Asks Mills for Vaccination Distribution Clarification

Announcements recently from Pfizer and Moderna announcing the potential efficacy of their respective COVID-19 vaccines is certainly welcome news. As we prepare for global and local distribution, understanding initial supplies will likely be limited, we checked into reports that the Maine CDC has published the four phases that vaccines will be delivered in our state. […]

Trucking Must Prepare for Climate Initiatives

When it comes to MMTA being involved with matters of public policy on behalf of the trucking industry, climate initiatives have taken center stage. And quite a bit of our time lately. Whether it is the efforts of the Maine Climate Council, Governor Mills signing on to the Multi-State Medium and Heavy Duty Zero Emission […]

MMTA Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Transition

Over the last year, our drug testing program with Fleet Screen has undergone changes…much of which has gone smoothly. There have been some service issues during late September and early October with delays in fourth quarter selections, and new account set ups. We apologize for these short-term inconveniences and trust that members will find the […]

ATA Praises DOL Proposal Clarifying Status of Independent Contractors

Arlington, VA – The American Trucking Associations praised a proposed rule from the U.S. Department of Labor that would clarify the definition of employee under the Fair Labor Standards Act as it relates to independent contractors. “Secretary Scalia understands that many Americans choose the independent contractor model — including hundreds of thousands of owner-operators in the […]

FMCSA Announces Extension of CDL/CLP/Med Card Waivers

ATA FMCSA has announced an extension of the CDL/CLP waiver that was set to expire on September 30th. This new waiver becomes effective on October 1, 2020 and expires on December 31, 2020**. **NOTE: This waiver is a bit nuanced, so please read the specific provisions below, as the dates and applicability vary. For CDL/CLP […]

2021 UCR Registration Period Will Begin On October 1, 2020

UCR stands for Unified Carrier Registration program. It is a federally-mandated system for registering operators of commercial vehicles who are involved in interstate and international travel. This annual registration must be renewed by December 31 each year. Registration for the 2021 UCR registration year will open October 1, 2020. Fees will remain the same as […]

MAINE BMV UPDATES (September, 2020)

Maine BMV has been working hard to accommodate Maine’s Trucking Industry. Since closing offices during the initial phase of the Pandemic with many employees working from home, most employees have now transitioned back to working from the office. All branch offices are now open for “limited” walk in traffic based on the office size, with […]

US Department of Commerce & SBA Offers Loan Guidance

CARE Act Main Street Lending Program US Government COVID Funding For the Trucking, Transport, Logistics and Warehousing Sector Companies Critical New Information on PPP   Monday September 21, 2:00 PM Eastern Time Join the US Department of Commerce, the Federal Reserve, and the Small Business Administration for an update on the new Main Street Lending Program.  […]

Maine Truck PAC Golf Tournament Results

Thank you to all MMTA members who participated and/or supported the Maine Truck PAC golf tournament at Natanis. Funds raised at this event will be used to elect and support business friendly candidates and policies in Augusta. Click on the images below for larger versions.