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Maine BMV Seeks New CDL Testing Location in Bangor Area

March 13, 2024 Due to renovations underway at the Bangor International Airport and need for additional parking, the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) no longer has access to its CDL skills testing location in Bangor. As a result, the BMV is seeking alternative locations in the greater Bangor area. Ideally , a flat paved […]

Petition Filed to Have Maine Adopt CA Advanced Clean Trucks Rule

MMTA – June 16, 2023 The Conservation Law Foundation (CLF), Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM), and Sierra Club have petitioned the Maine Board of Environmental Protection (BEP) to adopt the California Advanced Clean Trucks Rule.  This will require BEP to initiate the rulemaking process within 60-days of the petition.  We understand the Public Hearing […]

Posted Roads – Mud Season in Maine!

There are things in life you can count on like death, taxes, and if you live in Maine…posted roads.  Mainers, especially those in the Trucking Industry, are quite familiar with the spring thaw and the necessity of the State and Towns to post roads during mud season.  This article is a refresher of the posted […]

The Snow and Ice Removal Challenge

Nobody wants vehicles clear of snow and ice more than professional truck drivers.  The problem, however, is finding a safe, effective and practical way to accomplish this goal. We all recognize that it is fairly easy for most people to brush newly fallen snow off of a passenger motor vehicle.  It is more difficult however […]

H.O. Bouchard Celebrates Reginald Ward for 4M Accident-free Miles

Reprinted with permission (H.O. Bouchard) Reginald Ward entered the H.O.Bouchard 4 million-mile club on December 10, 2022 after 41 years as an HOB driver. Reggie is only the 2nd driver to ever reach this milestone at H.O.Bouchard, Inc. Reggie Ward began his career as an owner/operator at H.O.Bouchard, Inc on Dec 23, 1979. His father, […]

John W. Austin Memorial Scholarship Fund Applications Open

MMTA The John W. Austin Memorial Scholarship Fund has grown over the years and now awards up to nine recipients a one-time scholarship for up to $2,500 each. The application deadline is May 1st and will be accepted online only. The criteria to be selected for one of the nine scholarships now reflect an emphasis […]

UPDATE: Connecticut Passes Onerous Weight Distance Tax – Implementation Date January 1, 2023

UPDATE TO ORIGINAL POST: The Connecticut State Department of Revenue Services has updated their website with additional guidance for the new Connecticut Highway Use Fee, effective January 1, 2023. Click here to go to the website. Click here for their FAQ’s that will answer most questions.   ____________________________________________________________________________ Despite heavy opposition from the Motor Transport […]


Recently FMCSA highlighted upcoming changes effective 1/6/23…involving the FMCSA CLEARINGHOUSE (CH) requirements. Specifically, beginning 1/6/23 motor carriers must not manually check with previous employers and must utilize only the CH to obtain violations of drug and alcohol testing regulations within the previous three years. While this is not a new requirement, the notice has caused […]