Driver of the Month Program

Tell your driver that you appreciate their professionalism and nominate them for DRIVER OF THE MONTH!

As a way to encourage additional participation in the Driver of the Month program, we have further streamlined the process so that it is even EASIER to recognize your professional truck drivers.

Step #1: Answer just a few questions

Driver Name
# of years driving
# of years with your company
# of accident-free miles
List any charitable/civic contributions

Step #2: Provide current MVR & e-mail a high resolution photo

Step #3: Brag to your peers when your driver is recognized as one of the BEST!!

Instead of having to write up a narrative of each driver (which can sometimes discourage some supervisors from submitting nominations for their drivers) this step will only be necessary if your driver is one of the three finalists that will be chosen to compete for the coveted DRIVER OF THE YEAR award, recognized at the MMTA’s Annual Banquet in Portland.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier, it’s important to note that any member company may nominate a driver *FREE*

What a great way to say THANK YOU to your driver, for all the hard, long hours worked and all the sacrifices they make every day to get the needs of customers met safely and professionally.

You are just a few minutes from getting them nominated… Just fill out the form below… It is that easy!

Requirements for nominating a driver:

  • Company must be a MMTA member
  • Full time employee at least one year
  • Good safety record
  • Provide current MVR & e-mail photo

Help us make this program even better by nominating your drivers TODAY!

Driver of the Month Nomination

Step 1 of 2

  • Acknowledgement

  • In nomination for the referenced driver, I hereby certify that all of the statements contained herein are true. PLEASE NOTE: You are not required to submit a narrative at this time outlining the reasons your driver should be considered. However, if your driver is selected as a Driver of the Month and they are one of the three finalists that will be chosen to compete for the coveted DRIVER OF THE YEAR award, (recognized at the MMTA’s Annual Banquet in Portland) then you agree to submit a narrative within a reasonable timeframe. If you have any questions, please e-mail Randy at