Spring is a great time to check in on your employee benefits!

With mud season upon us, many have spring cleaning on the mind! And this can include looking at the benefits you offer your employees! Did you know you can join MMTA’s Employee Benefits Program at anytime throughout the year?

MMTA works with some of the most respected insurance carriers in Maine to create a diverse employee benefits program to offer our members. The program includes a variety of plan options, including dental, vision, short-term disability, and life insurance, for all budgets. By leveraging member purchasing power and creating a larger pool, we have negotiated better prices and rate stability for our plans.

Whether you currently provide benefits and want to compare pricing or if you want to learn more about the general cost of offering benefits to your employees, please reach out to the team at Acadia Benefits to discuss further.  There is no cost to the services provided by Acadia Benefits and it’s easy to join! Kevin Kennedy at Acadia Benefits is happy to answer any questions and he can be reached at 207.615.0560 or via email kkennedy@acadiabenefits.com.

Click here to visit the MMTA website and click here to view a quick video explaining the program.