Maine Truck PAC

Every election is critical when it comes to our economy, our businesses, our way of life and our overall prosperity. Businesses and taxpayers must emphasize lowering our tax burden, improving the business climate, controlling state spending and creating/retaining quality jobs while protecting Maine’s most vulnerable citizens as our most important priorities. The Maine Truck PAC asks for your assistance to further these objectives in Augusta.

Now is the time to speak with one voice. In our past fundraising efforts, members of the MMTA recognized the importance of contributing to the Maine Truck PAC and raised record funds. With these donations (and their subsequent utilization to elect business friendly candidates) came the realization by many throughout the state of the significance of the trucking industry and our consistent positions on public policies.

Please consider supporting our efforts to elect business-friendly leaders. Consider supporting the Maine Truck PAC through sponsorship of the golf tournament and show everyone that the trucking industry will continue to play a prominent role delivering prosperity to our great state.

The golf tournament occurs on the third or fourth Wednesday in June at the Natanis Golf Course in Vassalboro, Maine. For more information, contact Tim Doyle or visit