May MMTA Safety Management Council Meeting Wrapup

On May 9th, approximately 40 members of the Safety Management Council (SMC) were invited to tour the northbound weigh station in York and to observe Troopers from the Maine State Police, Troop K conduct truck inspections.

Members were also able to witness the screening process used in the scale buildings and were given a detailed demonstration of the technology used by Troopers and Inspectors to screen trucks. While Troopers and Inspectors were busy with the annual 72-hour CVSA Road Check, they took time to answer questions and interact with our members. As of the time of the meeting, Troop K had screened more than 3000 trucks and inspected more than 800 trucks during this year’s CVSA event.

We have been privileged to be hosted each May by Troop K and the event is always well attended by SMC members. A special thanks to Lt. Randall Keaton, Sgt Chris Rogers, Sgt. Stephen Hills, Cpl. Patrick Munzing and the entire Troop for allowing the event and welcoming our members.

We also thank Maine State Police Public Relations Specialist Tyler Davis for taking a group photo.