Seminar and Event List

Registration for this training is closed as all seats are reserved. We hope to do another Air Brake Seminar series in the spring of 2022.

Basic Air Brake System - This first seminar reviews Air Brake Systems. It will go over just how your systems are suppose to work. Learn how to identify the problem the first time, and eliminate needless replacement of components.

Air Brake Foundation - This second seminar is a common sense approach to performing a brake job. Participants will receive a brake adjuster certificate after attending this class.

Air Brakes ABS Systems - The final seminar offers diagnostics and proper maintenance on each system. 

Hiring a qualified driver is important, especially these days. However, just as important is creating and maintaining a compliant Driver Qualification (DQ) File. Why attend this class? Learn how to reduce your company’s liability exposure by using policies and management controls, better understand how your drivers can impact your safety rating, improve the prospects for your company’s reputation and identify best practices to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Topics to be covered include workers’ compensation issues, regulations and enforcement and the various components of the DQ file including the application, pre-employment testing, the annual inquiry and review of driving record, the record of violations, medical card requirements and the intra and interstate rules.


Defensive driving is the only way to stay accident free on today’s highways. Join us and brush up on your skills and have 3 points credited to your Maine CDL.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations mandate that all drivers required to have a commercial driver’s license be part of an alcohol and drug testing program. Further, that supervisors must be trained to identify the physical, behavioral, speech and performance indicators of probable alcohol misuse and use of controlled substances.


Over the past several years many changes have been made that affect the trucking industry. Among the most significant are those affecting the Hours-of-Service, Load Securement, and Driver Training areas of the Federal Motor Carriers Regulations. The State of Maine has also adopted many of these changes.

If you are a company owner, dispatcher, safety director, driver or you are anyone involved in checking drivers logs for accuracy and the company’s compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations – this class is designed for you. We will cover topics such as the Motor Carrier Profile, DQ Files, hours-of-service regulations, load securement and much more.


Hauling hazardous materials can be complicated. Let us help you discover the best ways to handle, transport and comply with Hazmat regulations by discussing the Hazmat tables, packing, marking, loading and storage, documentation, placarding, labeling and the necessary security and background checks.


One of the most frequent topics we get questions about is how to comply with the various components (and seemingly always changing) hours-of-service regulations. Join us to find the answers to such things as how many hours a driver can work and/or drive, how to handle sleeper berth time, how “off-duty” time counts in the 14-hour rule, how the Federal HOS regulations impacts your company, the conditions under which a driver can start a new 60 hour – 7 day or a 70 hour – 8 day schedule… and much more.


How prepared are your drivers for a Level 1 roadside inspection?  Has your company properly equipped them to operate safely and satisfy this thorough inspection?

If you aren’t sure, MMTA has put together a new half-day course designed for drivers, technicians and safety supervisors to reinforce the importance of proper pre-trip inspections.  The program will involve classroom and outside practical experience in an effort to give participants real-world examples of a thorough pre-trip and information on the types of violations most commonly overlooked.  (Please note: participants should be prepared to be outside, rain or shine.)

The result of this course will be a better understanding of what law enforcement is looking for roadside, best practices for performing a pre-trip inspection and how this all ties back to the enhancement of highway safety.  Given the unique nature of equipment used to haul different commodities, this class will focus on general freight where most of the concepts can be applied to other truck/trailer configurations.  However, if you would like us to develop a program specific to your company’s equipment, please email Randy to discuss on-site options.

Every election is critical when it comes to our economy, our businesses, our way of life and our overall prosperity.  Businesses and taxpayers must emphasize lowering our tax burden, improving the business climate, controlling state spending and creating/retaining quality jobs while protecting Maine’s most vulnerable citizens as our most important priorities. The Maine Truck PAC asks for your assistance to further these objectives in Augusta.

Now is the time to speak with one voice.  In our past fundraising efforts, members of the MMTA recognized the importance of contributing to the Maine Truck PAC and raised record funds. With these donations (and their subsequent utilization to elect business friendly candidates) came the realization by many throughout the state of the significance of the trucking industry and our consistent positions on public policies.

Please consider supporting our efforts to elect business-friendly leaders.  We hope you will seriously consider supporting the Maine Truck PAC through sponsorship of the golf tournament and show everyone that the trucking industry will continue to play a prominent role delivering prosperity to our great state.


Jointly hosted by the Maine Motor Transport Association and The Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association, the Transportation Safety Conference is the premier professional development experience for safety directors, HR personnel, dispatchers, and other professionals in the trucking industry.

Always informative and a great networking experience for trucking professionals, the Conference is held in Maine and Canada in offsetting years. For more information and for sponsorship opportunities, please contact

Registration is open for the 2022 Conference in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Click here to register today!

Don’t miss the largest gathering of the year for Maine’s trucking industry!!!

Complete tables of 10 are available. If multiple tables are requested, we will put them together if possible (early reservations help).

All tables and individual ticket seating is on a first come, first choice basis. No refunds are possible after December 30.



2022 Schedule:

January 26, 2022 - 7:30am VIRTUAL MEETING VIA ZOOM

April 13, 2022 - 7:30am Annual Membership Meeting (IN-PERSON)

July 13, 2022 - 7:30am (tentative)

October 12, 2022 - 7:30am @ MMTA in Augusta (142 Whitten Road)

In an effort to further improve professionalism in the trucking industry, the MMTA is working with NATMI to offer CSS & CDS Fleet Safety Certification courses for transportation safety professionals. The courses are applicable toward NATMI’s nationally recognized, university accredited certification programs.

Click HERE for more information.

Are your technicians ready for the challenge of a good old fashioned competition? Join us on the third Saturday in May, starting at 9:00am at Eastern Maine Community College – 354 Hogan Road in Bangor for the Maine Professional Technician Skills Competition where participants will have their knowledge tested with several challenges and hands-on workstations.


2022 Schedule:

February 17, 2022 - 8:00am VIRTUAL MEETING VIA ZOOM

May 19, 2022 - 8:00am (Remote - weigh station)

November 17, 2022 - 8:00am @ MMTA Office, Augusta

This class will cover the compliance requirements necessary to survive a compliance review or new entrant safety audit. Students will learn the BASICS that FMCSA or the Maine State Police will review during the audit…and will come away with increased confidence that your company will successfully pass the audit.

Attendees will receive the Management Edition of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Is Your Company Ready for an Audit?


Companies that wish to provide OSHA compliance training for new hires and experienced technicians using an in-house program without certification can participate in the Basic CTS Program (200 Level). This is an 8-hour video/workbook training program that can be conducted by a company-designated instructor. The instructor uses the TIA’s Instructor Guide to lead the class through the videos and Student Workbooks that use lesson plans and module quizzes.