In response to frequent and numerous questions about various components of the new Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse, MMTA has recorded its very first webinar to help guide members.  While it won’t answer every question, this webinar guides participants through the basics of the Clearinghouse, the sometimes confusing registration process and it answers many of the most frequently asked questions MMTA has been getting over the past month.  CLICK HERE to play the webinar.

Additionally, we have developed a landing page for members to access Clearinghouse resources.  The intent of this page is for MMTA to continue to add items as members continue to give us feedback and provide additional questions.  Here is the list of resources currently available at

  • Direct link to the Webinar recorded on 12/13/19. Depending upon the feedback/questions we receive, we may record additional webinars on this topic.
  • Link to print the Webinar slides so you can follow along or use them when registering with the Clearinghouse.
  • Link to SUBMIT A QUESTION. Given our objective to provide comprehensive resources, when MMTA members submit questions, they will receive a response from Randy or Tim and then this will give us an opportunity to share the question/answer with other members.
  • FAQ section that will be populated as questions start coming in.
  • More information where we have published helpful articles and links to the FMCSA site.

Please let us know if you have ideas to make this resource better.