Drug & Alcohol Program Compliance Checklist

  • Proof of an active account in MMTA program.
  • Must have Drug & Alcohol policy specific to your company (sample policy here).
  • Issue each driver:
    • A copy of your company’s policy; and
    • Printed educational material; and
    • Proof (signed receipt) that each employee received printed educational material.
  • Pre-Employment test for all new drivers. You must have negative result in hand before allowing the employee to perform any safety sensitive function.
  • All drivers must be enrolled with program and eligible for selection.
  • All testing must occur within selection period.
  • Supervisors must receive reasonable suspicion training per 49 CFR Part 382.603. This training is regularly provided through MMTA.  See schedule of training.
  • It is important to ensure that you are receiving information on a regular basis from the program. Make sure you update contact information and driver list as changes occur.

Please feel free to contact MMTA should you have concerns or questions.