D&A Program New Member Welcome Letter

Thank you for your recent registration in the Maine Motor Transport Association Drug and Alcohol Testing Program.  Please be sure that when your drivers are tested, they use only the chain of custody forms sent to you by the Laboratory associated with your Fleetscreen account.  These forms will arrive to you within the next week or so. Fleetscreen will also be contacting you shortly by letter or email to provide you with further information regarding the program and how to update enrollments, order supplies, and obtain other assistance you may require from the program.

By regulation, each company must choose a designated employer representative (DER). This is the contact person you listed on your application for your company to handle the drug and alcohol program administration. DER responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Receive communications including selections and test results from program
  • Make required decisions in the testing and evaluation process
  • Ensure adherence to 49 CFR parts 40 and 382
  • Obtain reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol training as required in Part 382.603 for all supervisors
  • Ensure all testing is done utilizing chain of custody forms supplied by Fleetscreen
  • Replenish chain of custody forms from Fleetscreen as they are depleted
  • Communicate changes in driver enrollments to Fleetscreen and audit accuracy with quarterly report from Fleetscreen
  • Ensure all random selections test when required or report valid exceptions to Fleetscreen and request alternate for record keeping.
  • Ensure all Breath Alcohol results are faxed or emailed as a PDF to Fleetscreen.
  • In the event of a positive test, work with SAP and MRO as required

We have provided you with a model policy that you may use for your company. Please review it carefully. The policy may be utilized by filling in the four blanks, and printing it on your company letter head if you wish. The policy should be issued to each driver along with printed information about the effects of alcohol and controlled substances use on an individual’s health, work, and personal life. Each driver must sign a statement certifying that he/she has received a copy of the policy and educational information.

One way of complying with the educational requirement is by furnishing each driver a copy of “Drug & Alcohol Testing: Training and Awareness”. Copies of this handbook are available through MMTA Services at a price of $5.00 each. Simply call or email and we will send you copies.

As a reminder, you are required to have a negative “pre-employment” test on file prior to enrolling drivers in the program and allowing them to operate a commercial motor vehicle. Once pre-employment tested and enrolled, you will be notified by Fleet Screen if your drivers are selected for “random” testing.

You should also be aware that Federal Regulation (49 CFR Part 382.603) requires that all motor carriers that employ a driver, other than themselves, have a trained supervisor who has received one hour of training on alcohol, and one hour on drugs. MMTA offers this training several times a year.  Please see our training schedule, or call the office for upcoming trainings in your area.

For your reference, the following links may be used for assistance with learning more about the regulations:

I understand that federal requirements may seem overwhelming at first, but please feel free to contact me at anytime should you need assistance or have questions.




Timothy Doyle

Vice President

Maine Motor Transport Association