Maine BMV Seeks New CDL Testing Location in Bangor Area

March 13, 2024

Due to renovations underway at the Bangor International Airport and need for additional parking, the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) no longer has access to its CDL skills testing location in Bangor. As a result, the BMV is seeking alternative locations in the greater Bangor area.

Ideally , a flat paved parking area measuring 100 feet wide by 300 feet long to accommodate off-road skills testing is needed, coupled with access to a road course incorporating traffic signals, multi lanes of traffic, speed zone changes and opportunities for several turns. Scheduled examinations are conducted two to three times per week based upon area demand.

Any leads on possible testing locations would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Chris Ireland, Director of Driver License Services or Larry Boivin, Chief Driver License Examiner at (207) 624-9094.