MMTA Offers Zero Percent Loans for Approved CDL School Training

As part of MMTA’s continuing efforts to address the Maine trucking industry’s workforce development shortage, we have partnered with Maine Savings Federal Credit Union to develop the ‘MMTA Education Loan Program.’ Students attending approved CDL schools are eligible to apply for tuition loans to attain their Class A or Class B Commercial Driver’s License at an amazing ZERO percent interest.

Basics of the program include:

  • 100% financing of tuition costs (up to $7,000) of a CDL course through approved CDL schools;
  • 0% interest rate;
  • First payment deferred to 60 days after completion of course;
  • Flexible repayment terms (up to 36 months with $50 minimum payment);
  • No collateral or prior credit required;
  • Easy online application to apply;
  • Reasonable credit standards;
  • An appeal option directly with MMTA for applicants that do not initially qualify;
  • Only Maine residents going to approved Maine trade schools are eligible;
  • Borrower must be at least 18 and must join Maine Savings FCU to be eligible.

Maine’s workforce shortage is the most serious issue facing Maine Motor Transport Association members, which is why our association has invested in the Go Your Way campaign to attract the next generation of truckers. The MMTA Education Loan Program was developed as a way to further support those looking at a career in trucking by addressing one of the financial impediments that might be holding some people back from starting a high-paying, in-demand career with minimal debt.

If you, or someone you know, is considering CDL training and they need a ZERO % interest loan to help them achieve their goals, go to to get them on the road to success!