Level 1 Inspection Training


How prepared are your drivers for a Level 1 roadside inspection?  Has your company properly equipped them to operate safely and satisfy this thorough inspection?

If you aren’t sure, MMTA has put together a new half-day course designed for drivers, technicians and safety supervisors to reinforce the importance of proper pre-trip inspections. The program will involve classroom and outside practical experience in an effort to give participants real-world examples of a thorough pre-trip and information on the types of violations most commonly overlooked. (Please note: participants should be prepared to be outside, rain or shine.)

The result of this course will be a better understanding of what law enforcement is looking for roadside, best practices for performing a pre-trip inspection and how this all ties back to the enhancement of highway safety. Given the unique nature of equipment used to haul different commodities, this class will focus on general freight where most of the concepts can be applied to other truck/trailer configurations. However, if you would like us to develop a program specific to your company’s equipment, please email Randy to discuss on-site options.


July 12, 2023

8:30 a.m. to noon


Held at the MMTA conference room at 142 Whitten Road in Augusta.


$85 for members| $145 for non-members