MMTA Fleet Safety Awards – Phase III

PHASE III Grand Champion Entry

Deadline: Second Friday in November

The Grand Champion Award is the highest safety honor presented to a member of the Maine Motor Transport Association. Each year, MMTA will recognize two carriers judged to have the most outstanding safety record and safety program. Carriers with annual mileage of 4 million miles or less will compete for one Grand Champion Award, while carriers with annual mileage over 4 million miles will compete for a separate Grand Champion Award.

How To Prepare Your Entry

The phase III submission process is designed for the motor carrier to highlight information in each of the following areas, in bullet format. The only two sections that may be in narrative form are page 1 and page 8, the introductory statement and the summary.

Any entry not following these rules will be disqualified.

Cover Page

a.) Company name
b.) Address
c.) Telephone number
d.) Email address
e.) Name, signature and title of the person submitting the entry
f.) The entry must also contain the name, signature and title of company executive, president or owner with his or her verification that all information contained in the entry is true and correct to the best of his or her knowledge, information, and belief.

Page 1  Introductory statement describing motor carriers safety philosophy/culture (Narrative Form)

Page 2  Hiring process (bullet list)

Page 3 Orientation program (bullet list)

Page 4 In-service training for drivers, fleet and safety personnel (bullet list)

Page 5 Process of supervising drivers (bullet list)

Page 6 Inspection and Maintenance of Fleet (bullet list)

Page 7 Accident investigation process (bullet list)

Page 8 Summarize what sets your safety program apart from other motor carriers. (Narrative Form)

Judging will be based on thoroughness of programs and policies. Especially important are company efforts to exceed minimum state and federal safety requirements.

Return Grand Champion Entries To:

By E-mail (preferred):

Maine Motor Transport Association
Attn: Fleet Safety Award
PO Box 857
Augusta, ME 04332-0857 

PLEASE NOTE: except for cover page, entries must have all references to the company and specific personnel redacted prior to submission to ensure anonymity with the impartial judges.