COVID Vaccine – Employer Legal Considerations Webinar

As the availability of the COVID vaccine supply ramps up, MMTA members are preparing for the eventuality that trucking’s workforce will be eligible to receive the vaccine.  We have been getting questions like:

    • Can employers make the vaccine mandatory and, if so, what are the practical implications?
    • If an employer makes it mandatory and an employee refuses, what should employers do?
    • Are there accommodation considerations for those not wanting the vaccine and/or having them take time off to get the vaccine if it is mandatory?
    • If an employer requires the vaccine, are there liability implications for any adverse reactions/complications? Is there any way to limit this liability? Is it different if the vaccines are delivered on-site versus at a clinic they direct employees to?

Learn the answers to these and other legal questions by attending a FREE webinar on February 8, 2021 at 1:00pm.  Registration is required through the following link:


Special appreciation goes to Murray, Plumb & Murray for putting this very important information together and for their generosity to make it free to MMTA members.