A New Year Means New Advertising Opportunities

MMTA wants to remind members about the opportunities that exist for suppliers and service providers to broadcast their message to the Maine trucking community.  Our Association is now over 1,700 members strong and, while every trucker in Maine might not be a member, we are confident to boast the largest reach in the Maine trucking community.

So how do you tap into the strength of MMTA’s membership when you have products or services to sell?  Advertising, of course!

Option #1: MMTA’s Maine Line e-newsletter.  Our monthly newsletter emailed to the membership around the 20th of each month – sometimes more frequently when there is news that needs to go out. Only three member banner ads are featured each month. When readers click on your ad they are immediately directed to your website, giving them the most in-depth information on your products and services.

Option #2: Mini-Magazines.  Our newest publication features our two biggest events of the year, the Annual Banquet in January/February, and Championship Saturday in May. It is mailed out to members with the details and results of each event. A limited number of print ads are available.

Your success is important to us!  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to easily get your message out about the products and services you provide to colleagues in the truck transportation industry.

Want to learn more or see samples?  Click Here.  Or contact Gayle Baber, MMTA’s Advertising Representative who can be reached by phone at (207) 949-1821 or by email at baber.mmta.advertising@gmail.com