States Report Fuel Tax Suspensions – IFTA Reporting

Maine BMV has informed Maine Motor Transport Association that four states have reported the suspension of fuel taxes in their jurisdictions that impact the filing of IFTA for miles travelled in those jurisdictions. The states and dates announced are as follows:

  • Maryland: 3/18/22 thru 4/16/22
  • Georgia: 3/18/22 thru 5/31/22
  • Connecticut: 4/1/22 thru 6/30/22
  • Alabama: 4/1/22 thru at least 6/1/22

MMTA Members are encouraged to review the following link for the most current notices from IFTA member jurisdictions as more states may announce or modify their current suspension of fuel tax.

Maine BMV advises that the IFTA forms for Q1 22 were printed prior to the announcements by Maryland and Georgia and they encourage MMTA members to contact them by email at for assistance in filing Q1 22 if you have miles in those jurisdictions. Q2 22 forms have been updated for current information.

As always, MMTA members may contact our staff at 207-623-4128 with questions or concerns with this or any compliance issue.