Safety Management Council

The Safety Management Council (SMC) is comprised of MMTA members who are primarily responsible for safety within their company. The group of 30+ members meet quarterly, with the exception of August, to learn and share their experience with safety related topics. The SMC regularly has featured speakers and topics of interest to trucking safety professionals. Also participating in the quarterly meeting are the Maine State Police Troop K and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Participation in the SMC is open to all members of MMTA regardless of size or classification of carrier. The topics shared each month vary, and are chosen by the SMC members. MMTA staff also utilize the council to share safety related information between meetings, as the Association maintains an extensive email list of members who are interested in receiving this information. Attendance at the meetings is optional, and there is no cost to attend or to be a member of the SMC. You may also choose to be on the SMC email group even if you are unable to attend meetings.

One recurring topic each year includes observing the Maine State Police – Troop K conducting roadside inspections at one of their weigh stations each May. Many members with their own maintenance staff have brought team members to the May inspections, resulting in a great learning experience for MMTA member employees. Another interesting agenda item at regular meetings is our Close Calls and Near Misses segment. SMC members with cameras in their trucks have been presenting learning lessons and sharing video of incidents where cameras have aided in their ability to properly supervise and help keep their fleet safe. Cameras are proving to be another valuable safety feature in today’s modern fleets and our SMC members are more than willing to share these lessons.

As mentioned earlier, the SMC is open to all MMTA members with an interest in safety. Current officers were elected at our last meeting and include Norman Patchell of HO BOUCHARD (Chair), Alex Kansy of RC MOORE, (Vice Chair) and Christopher Cyr of RF CHAMBERLAND, (Secretary). Officers rotate through two-year terms culminating in chairmanship.

Should you be interested in joining the SMC, please email Tim Doyle to be added to the SMC email group and feel free to attend our quarterly meetings. Here are the scheduled dates for the rest of 2020.

May 14th – 0800 Northbound Weigh Station York

November 19th – 0800 MMTA


As always, feel free to contact MMTA for all of your compliance questions or needs.