Revised Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Forms

New forms must be used by August 31, 2021

Prior versions of federal custody and control forms (CCFs) used for drug testing must be replaced with new forms before the deadline of August 31, 2021. The older versions of the form have been in place since 2017. If your lab account is CRL, they have just begun sending out the new forms. If your lab account is QUEST, they have been sending out the new forms since March 1, 2021.

You are already compliant if you print your authorization form (CCF) from the DISA-360 Portal.

Here is how you can tell whether or not you have current chain of custody forms. If the changes described below are not on your forms, you have expiring forms.
Most of the changes adopted in the revised CCF were made to accommodate the use of oral fluid specimens for the Federal drug testing program. Oral fluid drug testing is not authorized in DOT’s current drug testing program.

In addition to the changes regarding oral fluids, the revised CCF also includes the following changes:

  • Copies 1-5, Step 1: Added “CDL State and No.” to donor identification (FMCSA only);
  • Copies 1-5, Step 1: Added “Other” (i.e., email) to Collector Contact Info;
  • Copy 1, Step 5a: Removed analyte names and checkboxes; repositioned results and checkboxes; and added a line for the certifying scientist to record the positive analyte(s) and concentration(s) if a positive result is recorded;
  • Copies 2-5, Step 5: Added a line for the donor email address;
  • Copy 5: Removed instructions for completing the CCF from the back of the form. Instructions for completing the CCF are posted on the SAMHSA and ODAPC websites.

The current forms have been used since September 1, 2020 as an option, but must be utilized prior to August 31, 2021. All old expired forms should be discarded.

Should you have any questions on whether you have current forms or not, you are welcome to call your C/TPA (DISA or FADV) or, as always, you may contact Maine Motor Transport Association.