Coronavirus – PPE Resource Page

In response to feedback from our members, MMTA has been searching for different sources of PPE for purchase. Below is what we have found as of today – obviously, this article is meant to provide MMTA members with resources to obtain PPE and we do not advocate for or sponsor any of these suppliers or equipment

FREE Cloth Face Coverings

The Maine Emergency Management Agency, in coordination with FEMA, has provided the Maine trucking industry with 20,000 FREE cloth face coverings for distribution to companies and drivers. The masks are made by Hanes and, according to MEMA, are washable up to 50 times. MaineDOT delivered the masks and they are now ready for pickup/delivery.

For more information about face coverings, click here.

In an effort to distribute the masks in an orderly fashion, we are asking members to fill out an online form found HERE. You will be asked to select whether you want to pick up the masks at our Whitten Road office, or have us send them to you at your expense. Please allow us additional time if you want us to ship them to you as we anticipate heavy demand on these FREE cloth face coverings.

Also note that we may limit quantities to ensure everyone who needs masks has an opportunity to receive them. We further understand that there may be an additional disbursement of free face coverings in the future, but recommend you place your order as soon as possible.

Disposable Surgical Masks ($0.56/each plus tax, plus shipping)

An MMTA member contacted us last week to acknowledge our frustration with the State of Maine regarding our PPE order. This member had access to ordering disposable surgical masks, but the minimum order was 50,000 and the masks were going to be $0.50 each plus shipping and tax. We are grateful he thought of calling us and we have ordered 25,000 that will hopefully be arriving by the end of next week.

MMTA members who have already submitted an online order request have been contacted to see if they still want the amount of masks they ordered. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE the original request to the State was for N95 masks and the ones we have ordered are disposable surgical masks that do not offer the same protection as N95 certified masks. But one of the things we have been hearing from members is that they would like to offer their employees and drivers at least some minimal protection, even if it is a homemade or disposable mask.

If you have not already submitted an online order and you would like to be in line for masks should there be excess amounts, please fill out the online order form HERE.

Thanks to our friends at the Trucking Association of Massachusetts and MMTA members who have told us about access to some of the following different PPE sources for purchase.

N95 Respirators

envo®mask N95 Respirator Kit: envo®mask – based in Hampton, N.H. – has a reusable respirator mask with disposable filters. More information is available at their website and you can order online here.

The envo® mask reusable respirator mask is designed for comfort and superior seal. The AIRgel° cushion technology provides a custom fit avoiding leaks. Wearing this mask will not fog your safety glasses.

Filters are individually wrapped to provide a clean, electrostatically charged filter to be installed prior to each use. Mask and filters are NIOSH N95 rated.

KN95 Respirators

KN95 FDA CE EN149:2001 Standard KN95 Masks Respirator Protection PM2.5 Protection



Click here for various styles and sizes


Although gloves continue to be difficult to obtain, TAM does have a suggested supplier in the area.

Gloves are 3 mil palm thickness – Box of 100 sold in cases of 10 price $99.95 plus shipping*

    • White lightly-powdered vinyl gloves
    • Available in large and extra large sizes

*Price and availability is subject to change at any moment.

Please reach out to Ken Powtak from KP Specialty Supply to place your order. Ken can be reached by phone at (617) 784-8806 or via email at


Annihilator Disinfectant: Comes in a gallon bottle. Spray-on or wipe-on and let sit 3 to 4 minutes to air dry. 70 percent alcohol. $225 per case of four, one gallon bottles.

Germ-Away Disinfectant Spray, 18 ounce can: $69.95 per case of 12 cans.

*Price and availability is subject to change at any moment. Prices exclusive of shipping and handling fees.

Please reach out to Ken Powtak from KP Specialty Supply to place your order. Ken can be reached by phone at (617) 784-8806 or via email at