MMTA Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Transition

Over the last year, our drug testing program with Fleet Screen has undergone changes…much of which has gone smoothly. There have been some service issues during late September and early October with delays in fourth quarter selections, and new account set ups. We apologize for these short-term inconveniences and trust that members will find the changes to be beneficial in the long term.

Here is a summary of the transition:

  • Fleet Screen was acquired by DISA Global Solutions in September of 2019.
  • DISA announced in July 2020 management of MRO Services by University Services, a DISA subsidiary.
  • DISA placed administration as C/TPA to subsidiary AWSI in September 2020.
  • All correspondence now reflects AWSI as the C/TPA and fewer if any references to Fleet Screen remain.

The former Fleet Screen employees have, however, remained employees of DISA/AWSI and are still responsible for servicing MMTA member accounts. They are busy transitioning account set ups to AWSI, and working out any bugs with the transition.

Each passing day has resulted in efficiency and most problems are resolved easily. We encourage you to reach out to the normal contacts by email or phone to resolve remaining problems or to assist with transition issues or help with management of your account.

Set-ups: or 817-332-0044 ext. 3590
Forms and Testing Supplies: 817-332-0044 ext. 3580
Random Compliance: or 817-332-0044 ext. 3530
Negative Test Results: or 817-332-0044 ext. 3520
MRO: or 817-332-0044 ext. 3560
Accounting: or 817-332-0044 ext. 3540

Recommendations for compliance as a result of the transition:

  • Modify existing drug and alcohol testing policy to reflect AWSI as the C/TPA.
  • Re-issue policy to drivers.
  • Modify Clearinghouse Account to reflect AWSI as C/TPA.

We appreciate the patience of our members during this transition and we greatly value your as members. Please feel free to contact Tim Doyle at MMTA who can assist with any of your drug testing or compliance issues or help you with resolving any remaining issues involving the transition.

NOTE: These changes have not impacted the program with FIRST ADVANTAGE in anyway.