Maine Jobs Council Announces First Executive Director

Augusta, ME — The Board of Directors of the Maine Jobs Council is pleased to announce that Ben Lucas will serve as the first Executive Director for the newly created membership-based association. Mr. Lucas assumed his new duties on December 21st.

“The Maine Jobs Council is extremely pleased to announce the hiring of its first Executive Director, Ben Lucas,” said Brian Parke, MJC board member. “Mr. Lucas grew up in Augusta and has considerable experience with Maine political campaigns and public policy. He assumes the leadership of a non-partisan organization dedicated to improving the state’s economy and generating prosperity by supporting foundational jobs in sectors like manufacturing, construction, transportation, energy, farming, fishing, forestry, tourism, and hospitality. Mr. Lucas brings competence, energy, passion, and intelligence to this important work and the Council Board is confident he will do an exceptional job.” Mr. Parke also serves as President and CEO of the Maine Motor Transport Association.

The Maine Jobs Council intends to be active in public policy, to play a leadership role on behalf of its members, advocate for quality jobs for working families, and develop positions on behalf of small and medium-sized Maine employers and their employees. The positions and core principles of the Maine Jobs Council will be officially communicated to the appropriate elected officials before the start of every legislative session and the organization will provide logistical and informational support for policies and legislation it supports or opposes.

Mr. Lucas most recently served as a member of Senator Susan Collins’ successful re-election campaign staff. He also served as an adviser to Marty Grohman’s Independent Congressional Campaign in Maine’s First District, and worked in the Energy, Environment & Municipal Practice Group at the law firm of Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer, and Nelson. Mr. Lucas has been active in a number of public policy and campaign efforts, both at the state and federal level. These experiences have allowed Mr. Lucas to develop an understanding of the Maine economy and he has become an expert in effective advocacy efforts and coalition building. Mr. Lucas has great experience working on issues with both sides of the political spectrum, and will bring a bipartisan approach to support the mission of the Maine Jobs Council.

To learn more about the important work of the Maine Jobs Council, visit Ben Lucas can be reached via phone at 207-441-9333 or via email at