Future of Roads in Aroostook – Your Help is Needed

Rep. Austin Theriault (R – Ft. Kent) sent us the email below and asked that we send it to MMTA members in Aroostook County.  The ask is for you to reach out to him with feedback on the future of transportation in the County and to see if you would be willing to consider serving as one of the limited slots on the stakeholder group.  He needs trucker voices to be heard and asks that you contact him if you have any comments, suggestions or would like to volunteer.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Tim or Brian.  Also, if you could send this to your network of interested parties in Aroostook County, that would be great – the more input, the better the outcome.

DOT Amendment w AT V1


From: Theriault, Austin <Austin.Theriault@legislature.maine.gov>
Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2023 3:51 PM
Subject: Future of Roads in Aroostook – Your Help is Needed

Good Afternoon, I sent this especially to you because your help or feedback is necessary.

Following a recent committee vote in our committee regarding the future of transportation in our County, MDOT agreed to support a compromise to LD 607.

This will require MDOT to convene a stakeholder group this Summer to address the current status and future plans for the roads in Aroostook and report our recommendation for the transportation committee to review next January. Now is the time for us to voice our frustration on delayed work, and advocate for substantial improvements that will help efficient travel, economic development, and tourism.

The members of the stakeholder group will consist of:

  1. A representative of the Northern Maine Development Commission;
  2. A representative of a statewide transportation association;
  3. Three municipal managers working in Aroostook County;
  4. A representative of a trade association representing businesses located in Northern Maine;
  5. A representative of a trucking association representing companies or interests with experience in Northern Maine;
  6. A representative from the Aroostook Partnership;
  7. Three representatives of trucking companies based in Aroostook County;

Meeting dates are TBD, but I am tasked with making recommendations and providing names to MDOT for membership in the stakeholder group. Are you interested in participating in this important work that will determine the future of transportation in Aroostook County?

Austin Theriault

Maine House Rep. District # 1

Work Phone – 207 316-7299


Please be advised that anything sent to me in my capacity as a Legislator may become a matter of public record per the Maine Freedom of Access Act which means that other people may also see these messages.