Reprinted from ATA’s Dispatch

The new program, announced earlier this month, seeks to adjust the crash types used in the original program as well as remove crashes deemed “not preventable” from the Safety Measurement System scoring methodology.

The agency proposes combining two of the crash types: those resulting from infrastructure failure, falling trees, rocks and debris; and those with falling cargo or equipment from another vehicle.  They also have suggested changing the “motorist under the influence” crash type to “individual under the influence” to include pedestrians and bicyclists.

Furthermore, the agency is looking to add eight additional eligible crash types, including when the CMV is struck:

  • On the side in the rear by a vehicle from another lane;
  • By a vehicle that failed to slow or stop in traffic;
  • By a vehicle that failed to stop at a traffic control device (e.g., stop sign, red light or yield sign, etc.);
  • By a vehicle that was making a U-turn or illegal turn;
  • By a driver who experiences a medical issue that causes the crash;
  • By a driver who admits falling asleep or admits to distracted driving (e.g., caused by a cellphone, GPS, passengers, etc.);
  • In a crash involving a driver ‘‘under the influence,” even if the CMV was struck by another vehicle involved in the crash and not by the individual under the influence; or
  • Involving a driver operating in the wrong direction, even if the CMV was struck by another vehicle involved in the crash and not by the driver operating in the wrong direction.

FMCSA will continue to display crashes in SMS with notations of “not preventable,” “preventable” or “undecided” – but will remove crashes with the non-preventable determination from the SMS Crash Indicator BASIC calculation.  Additionally, FMCSA will note the non-preventable determination in the Pre-Employment Screening Program.

The removal from the SMS calculation will be effective for crashes on or after August 1, 2019, however, the effective date is subject to delay based on comments received as a result of FMCSA’s notice. The comment period is now open until October 4, 2019.

For the FMCSA press release and a link to submit comments, click here.