Biennial Updates – when are they due?

The FMCSA and Maine Motor Transport Association realize that you are bombarded with solicitations from 3rd party vendors and scam artists on a daily basis.  Their goal is to cause panic and a sense of urgency in hopes that they can mislead you to give them your hard-earned dollars.  The FMCSA does NOT charge a fee to complete a biennial update, (aka MCS-150 or DOT updates).  Calling us for our assistance with this update is also free if you are a member of the Maine Motor Transport Association.  Non-members will pay a small service fee.

The following will help you identify when your DOT number biennial updates are due and when you truly need to take action. It would be beneficial to mark your calendar!

  • The last two digits of your DOT number represent when the FMCSA requires you to update your DOT information.

The second-to-the-last number represents odd or even years.

  • To check the date of your last update and to determine that you are in compliance, please follow this link:  Click on “Company Snapshot” (halfway down the page), type in your DOT # and search.  The last update will show in the “MCS-150 Form Date” field.
  • If the date was on or shortly before your due date, you are all set!  If not, you may be due to update your information.

Please contact Cecile Prescott for assistance at (207) 623-4128.