Bangor TSA Enrollment Center Update (10/3/2022)

After having received notice that the Bangor TSA Enrollment Center in Bangor was permanently closing on September 30th, we have a positive update for those northern Maine members who need HME and TWIC services.

Senator Collins’ office has contacted the TSA who indicated the “Bangor area is a required location for TSA enrollment services, so this closure will not be permanent.” We understand they have identified and approved an alternative Bangor area location and they are currently expediting the staffing of this new location. That said, the TSA response did indicate there would be a gap between the original Bangor site closing and the new site opening, but they are also working to set up “temporary enrollment events” to continue to service this area during the gap which should happen in the next few weeks.

They recommend checking their site for additional information.

Thank you to Senator Collins’ office for such a quick response to such a significant issue impacting MMTA members.