ATRI Issues Call for Motor Carriers to Participate in Insurance Costs Data Collection

Arlington, Virginia – The American Transportation Research Institute today launched a new data collection initiative to better understand the rising costs of trucking insurance and how those costs are ultimately impacting the industry’s overall operational costs. This research was identified by ATRI’s Research Advisory Committee as a top research priority in 2020.

Motor carriers are asked to provide data through an online data collection form that will quantify changes in deductibles, excess insurance over minimum requirements, and how drivers and fleets are balancing insurance costs against rising risk levels. The research will be complementary to ATRI’s annual Operational Costs of Trucking, but will provide more granular detail on one of the most volatile cost centers in the annual analysis.

“ATRI’s industry data collection initiatives are critical to understanding industry operations based on real-world data, and this latest effort to benchmark insurance cost trends will provide important insight into a carrier’s management of total cost of risk,” said Randy Guillot, Triple G Express President.

All submitted data will be kept strictly confidential and aggregated. As needed, ATRI will sign a confidentiality agreement.

The data collection form is available online and carriers are asked to provide data by Friday, April 23, 2021.