MMTA Crisis Response Program

When Mainers are faced with a challenge, we always pull together and get the job done. The trucking industry continually meets such challenges head-on by providing leadership when it comes to our economy, our communities and when a disaster hits. Whether its trucking countless loads of disaster relief supplies to the Gulf Coast when a hurricane hits, donating money in a time of need, or promoting volunteerism within their organizations, MMTA members always rise to the occasion.

We are pleased to announce one more way for our members to be ready to help our neighbors in a time of need through a partnership with the Maine Emergency Management Agency – the MMTA Crisis Response Program. This voluntary program is set up to ensure trucking industry resources are quickly available in the event of a disaster using the MMTA as the first point of contact. Once notified that the MEMA Emergency Operation Center has been activated, we will access the list of equipment/assets that has been populated by our member participants and then arrange for the deployment of equipment/assets closest to the disaster location. Participating members will have already agreed to charge the state the previous day’s time and materials rate.

Bottom line: MEMA gets the reliable transportation services MMTA members are known to deliver while understanding they will be charged a reasonable rate when they request emergency services on short notice.

How to Participate:

  1. Review the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that the MMTA has entered into with MEMA relative to the MMTA Crisis Response Program to be sure your company’s voluntary participation is desirable. You can view the MOU by clicking on the link below or by requesting a copy from our office.
  2. Completely fill out the MMTA Crisis Response Program agreement, including the individuals within your organization who will be the key contacts.
  3. Populate your company’s equipment and services inventory. This information will be strictly confidential and will only be shared with MEMA to satisfy our role under the MMTA Crisis Response Program partnership.

Once we have either a hard copy or online submission of the agreement and equipment / services inventory, we will send you a certificate of participation in the MMTA Crisis Response Program suitable for framing. We encourage all members to consider getting involved. If you have any questions, please contact Brian Parke at (207) 623-1807 or  

View MMTA-MEMA Memorandum of Understanding

Sign Up and Upload Equipment & Services Inventory