MMTA History

1946 MAINE COMMERCIAL MOTOR VEHICLE ASSOCIATION was founded and OLEN E. BUTLER is elected president.

The name of the Association is changed to Maine Truck Owners Association some time prior to 1949.

1947 PAUL E. MERRILL, president and Chief Executive Officer of the Merill Transport Company is elected president.

He started the business at the age of 16 years and with a used truck worth $150.00 in 1929, an began an express business and general trucking service between Cumberland Center and Portland, out of which he built a diversified trucking company grossing over eight million dollars annually and has over 500 pieces of equipment.

He is a Charter Member of the National Tank Truck Carriers. He is a past member of the Governor’s Advisory Committee for the Department of Commerce and Industry, a member of the Northeast Lumber Manufacturing Association, a Director and Past President of the First Radio Parish Church of America and one of the Founders and Past President of the Economic Resources Council of Maine.He and his wife had two children, Sally and Paul D.

1948 GERALD A. COLE is elected president.

He is vice-president of Cole’s Express at Portland. He was born in 1913 at Enfield, the son of trucking pioneer Albert J. Cole and Amy S. Cole. He joined the family business as a truck driver in 1932 and now has charge of Cole’s southern Maine operations.

He served as president of the MTOA again in 1966 - 67. He has been a state vice president of the American Trucking Associations. He served as regional president of ATA’s Industrial Relations Committee. He served one term as a member of the Maine House of Representatives, served seven years as a member of the Portland City Council. He is a member of the Greater Portland Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Club, Masonic Bodies and Shrine.

Mr. & Mrs. Cole have three children, Mrs. Sharon Ware, David and Kevin.

** 1,369,472 trucks were manufactured.

1949 STEWART M. TAYLOR is elected president.

** Trucks haul 75% of all freight.

** MTOIT (Maine Truck Owners Insurance Trust) was initiated in late 1949.

** First Maine State Truck Roadeo was held.

1950 GUY DUNTON was elected president.

** 89,000 traffic fatalities.

1951 MARK W. GINN was elected president.

He is president of Fox & Ginn Inc. and Treasurer of the Neilmark Corporation, which owns the trucking concern’s terminals in Maine and Boston. He is a president President of the Bangor Kiwanis Club, and he has been prominent over the years in many civic affairs including the Community Chest and the YMCA.

He was a native of Orland and has been in the trucking industry since 1924. He became associated with Cornelius L. Fox in 1937.

Mr. & Mrs. Ginn had 4 children, 2 sons and 2 daughters.

In 1960, he was elected as a Vice President-at-large of the American Trucking Associations. He was the first Maine trucker to hold this distinction. He also served on the Board of Governors of the Regular Common Carriers Conference.

** In February, the first edition of Maine Trucking News was published. William P. Shapleigh was Executive Secretary and Waldo E. Pray was the editor.

** A convention was held at Mount Kineo Hotel, June 29-July 1, rates were $12.00 per day, including meals.

** More use of trucks in moving the mail, they are faster and more economical.

** Maine Legislature appropriates $25,000 for State Police expenditures for highway safety. Overweight fines to go to general highway fund.

** Fee on the Maine Turnpike, $1.75 for trucks between 32,000 and 50,000 pounds.

** Share the Road Program is started.

** 93,000 highway fatalities.

1952 HARRY L. MILLIKEN is elected president.

Educated in local grade schools, he completed the 4 year course at Portland High shortly before starting as driver in 1923 with Congdon Transportation. Since then he has acquired a working knowledge into various angles of the trucking operation - public, shipper and employee relations - though more especially, he is recognized as having a first-hand insight into the many phases of authorized carrier regulation by State and Federal agencies. He has a well-grounded knowledge of rates, tariffs, classifications and claims procedure.

From 1943-45, Harry served as Chairman, Defense Transportation Committee of Maine ODT and later represented Maine Carriers as a member of ATA’s National Traffic Committee.

Besides his position as vice president and traffic manager of Congdon Transportation, he served for several years as Treasurer, Maine Rate Bureau, Maine Commercial Motor Vehicle Association and its successor, Maine Truck Owners Association, Maine ATA affiliate.

Harry is married, father of a boy and girl. He is a 32nd degree Mason. His hobbies include a basement woodworking shop and, like all Maine natives, Harry looks forward to wetting a line in an up- country trout stream or salmon lake anytime after the ice is gone.

** U.S. Post Office states in report - "that trucking the mail has saved $100,300,000.

** Hannaford Bros. Co. celebrates 50th anniversary and open a new warehouse on Cross Street in Portland.

** ATA announces Exhaust Noise Research Program.

** There is much talk about "tenigue" a combination of fatigue and tension.

1953 PHILIP C. FOX is elected president.

He is vice president of N. T. Fox Lumber Company, Inc. He is an active member in the Woodland’s Club, Blue Lodge at Deering, the Cumberland Club in Portland and the Portland Country Club at Falmouth.

Born in Lovell, Maine in August, 1911, Phil attended the Portland grade and high schools, graduating from Deering in 1929 and Norwich University in 1934. Except for a tour of duty with the Army Air Command, Phil has been associated with his brother, Ed, in the Fox Lumber Co. His Army Air Corp service, with the rank of Captain, covered procurement and contracting from several of the country’s largest airplane and electrical equipment manufacturers for building materials and equipment in connection with the Technical Service Command.

Phil Makes his home in Falmouth with his wife, the former Nilda Bartlett of Portland, and two sons.

** Cole’s Express opens a new terminal on Dutton Street in Bangor and celebrates their 35th anniversary.

** The Maine Turnpike starts construction on 66 mile stretch from Portland to Augusta on its way to "Fort Kent". Forecast that it will be paid for by 1973.

** Rail agency uses phony front groups to attack trucks.

** 96,000 highway fatalities.

** U.S Post Office Department, issues a special 3 cent postage stamp marking the 50th anniversary of the American trucking industry.

** MTOA member Paul E. Merrill is appointed to chair the State House Office Advisory Committee in charge of plans for the new $3 million State Office Building in Augusta.

1954 F. GILBERT CONDGON is elected president.

1955 H. MERRILL LUHE is elected president.

1956 GALEN L. COLE, President and General Manager of Cole’s is elected president.

He was born November 29, 1925, in Bangor son of Albert J. and Amy S. Cole. He was Treasurer and Director of Cole Realty, Inc., director S & S Storage Service Co., president and treasurer Fuel Mart, director Cole Brothers, Inc., director Merrill Trust Bank, Bangor; youngest past chairman Bangor City Council, past president Bangor Chamber of Commerce, director Maine State Chamber of Commerce, past president Bangor Y.M.C.A., director Bangor Industrial Development Foundation, past director Bangor Community Chest, military aide (Colonel) to Governor John H. Reed. He is a member of Bangor City Club, Bangor-Brewer Lion’s Club, Industrial Management Club, Maine Traffic Club, Masonic bodies and the Shrine, vestryman St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Him and his wife Sue had four children, Ann, Richard, Garret, and Janet.

1957 HENRY W. SAUNDERS, associated in the family concern of Saunders Bros., Westbrook, manufacturers of tools and other wood products is elected president. He had previously served on the Association’s Legislative Committee and as the organization’s Secretary-Treasurer.

Born at Bangor, he received his early education in the public schools at Westbrook, where his family moved when he was in grade school. In 1950, following graduation from the University of Maine with a degree of mechanical engineering, he immediately started at Saunders Bros.

Here, due to other woods’ operations at Tamworth and Whitefield, NH, he soon realized the value of a motor carrier association to maintain direct contact with the complex legislative developments, regulations and restrictions which are an important component of modern truck transportation.

In addition to holding an Army Reserve rank of 1st Lieutenant, Henry presently serves as Chairman, Western Maine Forest Forum, 2nd Vice President, Maine Hardwood Association and a few years ago, was President of the Westbrook Jaycees.

** Bangor YMCA gymnasium is named in memory of Albert J. "Allie" Cole, founder of Cole’s Express.

1958 RICHARD S. CLEMENT, president of Clement Bro., Inc. of Portland is elected president.

Born in Rochester, New York, October 26, 1925, the son of Clara L. and Philip J. Clement, attended Indiana State Teachers College, the University of Louisville, Kentucky, and St. Mary’s College. He served in the United States Navy 1943-45, and joined the company in 1945. He was named the Treasurer of the company in 1956 and as President in 1958.

As president of the MTOA, he was one of the men behind Maine’s famous Alaska Welcome Wagon.

He was a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and the Portland Kiwanis Club.

The Clement firm established in 1925 by Lincoln E. Clement, began as a contract hauler for Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, then leased to A & P distributing in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

He later served as Maine’s state vice president to ATA. He and his wife, Janette had 3 children, Dianne, Dean and Louise.

1959 DWIN A. GORDON, truck tire sales manager and public relations director for C. E. Noyes Co. of Portland is elected president.

He was born on October 2, 1912, in Readfield, Maine, son of William and Bertha Gordon. He graduated from Kents Hill School. He first sold farm machinery for International Harvester Co., joined Noyes in 1938 as salesman. At the time of his election, he covered New England as manager of truck tire sales. He is a member of Maine Good Roads and the Knights of the Road.

He was one of the men behind the MTOA Alaska Trip and still lectures extensively on the fabulous Alaska venture. He and his wife, Virginia had two children, Gary and Vickie.

** ATA celebrates its 25th anniversary.

1960 H. BLAINE SANBORN, president of Sanborn’s Express Inc. is elected president. He has always been an active participant in the business community. He served as a Board Director for Casco Bank & Trust Co., and Casco-Northern Corp. He served on the ATA Executive Committee, a member of the Board of Trustees for the ATA Foundation, Treasurer of the Regular Common Carrier Conference, as well as a vice president at-large of the ATA. He served as chairman on the Board of Directors of the New England Motor Rate Bureau. He was named by Governor John Reed to serve on the new State Transportation Commission. He served on the Board of Governors of the Regular Common Carrier Conference. He served in the United States Navy.

He was member of the Board of Corporators for Maine Medical Center. He is a Mason. He was a member of Board of Director for Middle Atlantic Conference. He and his wife had two daughters.

** First MTOA annual convention was held at the famous Poland Spring House in Poland Springs on June 5-7.

** The annual MTOA’s Fall Banquet has become a most sought- after event. It has frequently faced the problem of finding accommodations large enough, and a recent edition of the Maine Market Mirror, published by the Gannett Publishing Co. described it as "one of the State’s most outstanding business events of the year."

1961 WILLIAM G. HEPBURN, Timber Unit Manger for Diamond National Corporation, Oakland, Maine is elected president.

Born on May 25, 1921 at Boston, Massachusetts, the son of William G. and Euphemia B. Hepburn. A graduate of the University of Maine, 1942 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, a Marine Engineer, a Veteran of the United States Navy and a United States Navy Reservist.

He joined Diamond National Corporation in 1946, named the Plant Manager in Virginia in 1947, and Timber Unit Manager in Maine in 1951. He was president of Eastern Maine Forest Forum, vice president of Maine Forestry Museum Committee, District Governor of Lions International. He and his wife, Eleanor had 2 sons and 2 daughters.

1962 CORNELUIS L. FOX, Chairman of the Board of Fox & Ginn of Bangor and a pioneer in Maine Trucking is elected president.

Mr. Fox is a native of White Cloud, Michigan. He came to Maine as a patent medicine salesman and began his career in trucking in 1927 when he worked as a salesman for an automobile firm which was under the presidency of A. J. Cole. In 1937, Mr. Fox joined hands with Mark W. Ginn and formed their present company.

He was chairman of the trustees of the Maine Truck Owners Association Insurance Trust, a member of the executive committee, board of directors and policy committee of the New England Rate Bureau and chairman of the general rate committee of the Maine Motor Rate Bureau. He served for 10 ten years as a member of the ATA Executive Committee.

Mr. and Mrs. Fox had two sons, David W. and C.L. Fox, Jr., both became officers of Fox & Ginn, Inc.

1963 GEORGE W. MCNEAR, sales engineer for Williams Brothers, a Great Dane Trailer dealership is elected president.

He is widely known as a claims espert and for some years has lectured ast safety meetings in connection with claims and casuality.

Prior to working for Williams Brothers, he worked for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, and prior to that was sales manager for the North Street Garage (Oldsmobiles) in Hingham, Massachusetts and the McNear Body Company, a firm headed up by his father and specializing in ambulance and hearse bodies.

McNear is a veteran of World War II where he served with the Intelligence Service of the United States Coast Guard in both the Atlantic and Pacific Theaters.

He is a former president of the Pride’s Corner PTA, is a Mason, a former member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Hingham, Massachusetts as well as in Portland. He has been active in both the Boy and Girl Scouting. He and his wife, Joan have four daughters.

1964 H. BLAINE SANBORN serves second term as president of the Maine Truck Owners Association.

1965 DAVID W. HARMON, vice president of Hunnewell Trucking, Inc. is elected as the youngest president. A distinction that still holds today.

The 32 year old executive operated a fleet of 40 trucks serving all of Northern New England.

He is a Portland native and graduated from Deering High School and Boston University College of Business Administration in 1954. He served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps upon graduation from college. He is a member of Portland Rotary, Atlantic Lodge of Masons, and attends Falmouth Congregational Church.

He has also served on the MTOA Legislative Committee.

He and his wife, Joyce have two children, Jeffrey and Bethany.

Harmon works as an accountant for Atlantic Great Dane, an avid supporter of the Maine Motor Transport Association.

1966 GERALD A. COLE serves second term as presient of the Maine Truck Owners Association.

** American Trucking Associations’ float wins Grand Honors at the Tournament of Roses Parade.

1967 HERBERT E. GINN, president of Fox & Ginn Moving & Storage Co. is elected president.

He was born on May 14, 1926, the son of Mark W. and Gertrude Ginn. He was educated at Bangor High School and the University of Maine. He graduated from Boston University School of Law in 1951. He was named head of the moving and storage firm at its formation in 1958. The company operates in New England, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia from offices in Lewiston, Waterville, Bangor, Mars Hill and Presque Isle.

He and his wife, Adah three children, Mark, Jean, and Tracey.

1968 JOSEPH H. O’DONNELL is elected president.

1969 HARRY L. MILLIKEN serves a second year as president of the Maine Truck Owners Association.

1970 F. EMMETT O’CONNOR, Maine representative of Frehauf Corp. of Detroit, Michigan and Waltham, Massachusetts is elected president.

He was born in Stockton Springs, the son of John L. and Mabel P. O’Connor. He graduated from Portland High School and attended Hebron Academy. He was a veteran of World War II, having served as a chief petty officer with the Seabees in the Philippines. He was a 25-year member and Fourth Knight of Cheverus Council, Knights of Columbus.

At the time of his death, he was the immediate past president and life director of the Maine Truck Owners Association and was serving as the Chairman of the Executive Committee. He was also serving on the Governor’s Task Force on Industrial Fuel Oil Supply. He was a member of the Maine Good Roads Association, a member of the Knights of the Road. He was a golf enthusiast for many years and was a member of the Willowdale Golf Club. The annual golf tournament at the MMTA convention is played in his memory. He was communicant of St. John the Evangelist Church and a past president and director of the church’s parish council and its credit union.

He was married of the former Anne E. Hackett.

1971 DAVID W. FOX, treasurer of Fox & Ginn, Inc. is elected president.

He was also chairman of the Maine members of the New England Council and president of the Bangor Rotary Club.

Governor James Longley appointed him to serve on a panel commissioned to study Maine’s future.

1972 ROBERT E. GINN, a native of Bangor is elected president. While living in Manchester, Massachusetts, he was the a member of the Finance Committee, The Essex County Club, The Manchester Yacht Club, and is Treasurer of the Manchester Sailing Association. He was a Trustee of The Shore Country Day School in Beverly, Massachusetts and was Secretary of the North Shore Bowdoin Club.

He was president of the Transportation Security Council of Massachusetts, an organization dedicated to improving all phases of security within the Motor Carrier Industry.

1973 RICHARD J. HALEY is elected president. This is the first time the president is elected for two years.

1975 GEORGE (JOE) M. HUTCHINS, president of Hutchins Transportation Co. and Hutchins Trucking Co. is elected president.

He is a graduate of Potter Acadmey and Northeastern Business College, a member Falmouth Lions Club, all Masonic bodies, Kora Temple Shrine, the Portland Country Club, Fraternal Order of Elks, and served as Treasurer of Deep Cove Association of Raymond.

Joe was one of the members of the MMTA Building Committee. He had one son, Richard, then, Joe and Ruth have two sons, Stephen and Mark and two daughters, Debbie and Leslie.

1977 H. WALKER NOYES, president of Noyes Tire Co. is elected president. He founded the company in 1966 and by 1975 it was the largest tire dealer in Northern New England. He had previously been associated with C. E. Noyes Co. and Walkers Park.

A 1946 Deering High School graduate, he served as a director of Maine National Bank and Forest City Chevrolet. He served as a corporator of the Maine Savings Bank.

He served as president of theNational Tire Dealers and Retreaders Association, a director of the Federal Highway Users Federation and the New England Association of Independent Tire Dealers. A long time member of the Maine Good Roads Association, the New Hampshire Truck Owners Association. He had also served as president of the Greater Portland Chamber of Commerce and was a prime mover of the Cumberland County Civic Center.

The Maine Trucker Owners Association changes its name to the Maine Motor Transport Assoication during Walker’s term as president.

He and his wife had seven children.

1979 CHESTER SHERRARD, president of Chet’s Transport, Inc. headquartered in Charlotte, Maine and a Canadian operation headquartered in St. Stephen, N.B. is elected president. Chet’s Transport is a family business, with son Dale as vice president, wife Maxine overseeing office and operations in both countries. Daughters, sons-in-law and other family members work at various jobs.

Chet was a director of the ATA and was active in that capacity.

Chet served in the Marines in World War II and on returning home, drove a truck for a local operator until he finally bought him out, to begin what has been an international carrier.

It was a hallmark of his operation that Chet himself would drive any new run and become knowledgeable of any problems before assigning employees. In fact, he had to take the wheel of a right-hand drive unit while in Australia, rather than simply talk about it.

1981 ARTHUR HICKS, president of C-B Kenworth Inc. is elected president.

Prior to founding his present company in 1972, Arthur managed Clement Bros., Inc. for several years.

During Arthur’s term, Richard C. Jones, better known as Dick was hired as Executive Director. Dick is to be given much credit for where the Association is today.

He enjoys getting away to do some winter sking.

He and his with JoAnn have two children, Ben and Nathan.

1983 VIRGIL E. BEANE, president of Hannaford Trucking Co. is elected president. Prior to working for Hannaford Trucking, Virgil was the OperationsManager at Cole’s Express.

Virgil was born in Solon, Maine and his first job was with hometown employer Solon Manufacturing.

Virgil has long been an active participant in the Maine Motor Transport Association and remains so today. He has also been very active with the American Trucking Associations, where he served as their Chairman in 1994-1995, the only Maine trucker to serve in that capacity. He has also served a state vice president, a vice president at-large, and vice chairman. He currently serves on the ATA Nominating Committee.

To list all of his accomplishments would take more time than we have.

Virgil was honored after serving as the ATA Chairman by having the MMTA Conference Room dedicated to him for his unselfish contributions to the Association and the trucking industry.

Virgil has three sons, Michael, Kevin, and Danny.

Virgil and his wife Priscilla have a daughter, Rachel.

1985 GEORGE L. PARKE, president of Parkeway Transport is elected president.

George was born in Brunswick, Maine on February 16, 1943. He graduated from Bangor High School and the University of Maine.

He served in the U. S. Army.

Prior to founding Parkeway Transport in 1974, he was the Traffic Manager at Cole’s Express. George has served the MMTA in every way possible and has served on many boards and committees involving the industry. He is currently the state vice president to ATA, Governor king appointed him to be a member of the Motor Carrier Review Board, he is a member of his Regional Transportation Advisory Committee, and serves numerous others. He is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the MMTA Workers’ Compensation Trust. He also served on the Building Committee when the MMTA was looking for a new location.

George and Ann Parke have 4 sons.

1987 DAVID L. COLE was elected president.

1988 WILLIAM D. DUDDY fills the unexpired term of Mr. Cole, and was elected to a two year term.

Bill, a Bangor native worked for varios trucking firms in Chicago, before moving back to Maine to become Director of Operations for St. Johnsbury Trucking.

Bill attended Husson College and served in the U. S. Army. Part of his stint was as an infantryman in Korea.

Bill also worked for Portland Air Freight.

1990 CLIFTON HALACY, president of Merrill Transport Company is elected president.

He grew up in the Rumford area and graduated from Stephens High School. He served 4 years in the United States Air Force.

He has been a very active member of the MMTA, as well as serving on the Board of Director of the National Tank Truck Carriers.

He is also very active in the community.

Cliff and his wife, Marjory life in Scarborough.

1992 MARK A. HUTCHINS, president of Hutchins Trucking Co., is elected is president.

Mark joined the family business after attending Husson College. He started working in the Maintenance and Dispatch Departments. In 1982 he was promoted to General Manager and then to President in 1990.

He participating in and guided the Company’s growth from a 9 tractor operation employing 12 to where it is today at approximately 50 tractors and 75 employees.

He was a member of the MMTA Building Committee and also served as the Maine ATA alternative vice president. He was appointed by Governor King to serve as the Chairman of the Motor Carrier Review Board. Mark is active in his community.

Mark and Christina have two sons, Cale and Dane.

** The title of President is changed to Chairman at the annual meeting in 1994.

1994 DONALD B. WISWELL, president of Maine Test Borings, Inc. is elected chairman.

Born in Orrington, where he still lives, on June 14, 1936, he attended Bangor High School. He worked with his brother for many years in the soil drilling business before he and his partners founded Maine Test Borings.

He was Chairman of the MMTA Building Committe, he is a past president of the National Drilling Assoication. He is the Chairman of the State Well Water Board. Don currently serves as the Chairman of the MMTA Planning and Finance Committee.

Don is a 33rd degree Mason and is extremely active in all the Masonic bodies, Shrine and the Order of the Eastern Star.

Don and Felicia have 3 children, 1 son and two daughters.

1996, (Jan) Pieter  van  Voorst  (van  Beest),  President of C.W.Perham, Inc. and V.P Transportation for Shaw’s Supermarkets, is elected chairman.

A native of the Netherlands and a graduate of a Dutch Merchant Marine Academy, he was a Merchant Marine Officer in Holland before coming to the USA and Maine in 1970.

He started his trucking career as a rate clerk and later worked as Dispatcher, Dock Foreman and Traffic Coordinator.

He was Terminal Manager for Merrill Transport at their largest Terminal on Forest Avenue in Portland. At Shaw’s Supermarkets he became V.P Transportation and President of their trucking company ,“C. W. Perham,  Inc.”

As Chairman he was active on many issues, including the widening of the Maine Turnpike and safety issues.  He retired in 2005.

Pieter and his wife Andrea live in Pownal, Maine and have 2 sons.

1998, Mert Brown elected MMTA Chairman.

2000, Tom Keefer (Kris-Way Truck Leasing) elected MMTA Chairman.

2002, Barry Pottle, owner of Pottle’s Transportation, is elected as MMTA Chairman.

In 1978, Barry started in the trucking industry as an Independent Contractor at an early age of 18.  In 1983, he joined the family business of Pottle’s Transportation, Inc. and became President in 1985.  In 1992, Barry became the sole owner of Pottle’s Transportation.

In 2005, Barry was elected Chairman of the Pine Tree Chapter of the American Red Cross; and in 2006, Barry was elected Chairman of the Truckload Carriers Association.

Barry serves as an officer of the Truckload Carrier’s Association and on the Executive Board of the American Trucking Association.

While serving as Chairman of MMTA, he was active on many issues and was instrumental in establishing and growing the Maine Truck PAC, golf tournaments and scholarship fund.

Barry and his wife, Suzanne, live in Hermon and have two step sons and one daughter. 

2004, John Austin (President of Portland Air Freight) is elected MMTA Chairman.

John served the Maine Motor Transport Association in many capacities, not only as Chairman of the Board of Directors, but also served on the Executive Committee, Nominating Committee, as well as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Workers’ Compensation Trust. 

He was always committed to the trucking industry, often leading the charge on issues, particularly political issues, with his Chairmanship highlighted by an increased emphasis on the importance of the Truck PAC and electing business-friendly candidates through the strength of political advocacy.  Never shy with his political views, John’s conservative opinions were often on display when writing his monthly messages in the MMTA magazine.

John was also the only known MMTA Chairman to have his official picture taken in front of the NH flag.  This recurring photo used in the Association’s magazine was his irreverent jab at the political establishment who dismissed Maine’s business climate comparisons to those of our neighboring state.

The concola fir tree planted in front of the MMTA’s office building in Augusta is dedicated to the memory of John’s remarkable service to the Association and the trucking industry.

2006, Brian Bouchard (President of HO Bouchard) is elected MMTA Chairman.

2008, John Lightbody (Murray, Plumb & Murray) is elected MMTA Chairman.

2010, Jim McCurdy (Maine Commercial Tire) is elected MMTA Chairman.  Jim is the founder and owner of Maine Commercial Tire with locations throughout the state.

During his term as Chairman, Jim participated in MMTA’s “Call on Washington” to advocate for the safety and efficiency of allowing more productive vehicle configurations to use the entire interstate system in Maine, culminating with the congressional approval of a 20 year authorization to do so at the hand of Senator Susan Collins.

The MMTA’s largest event of the year known as “Shipper’s Night” for decades was changed to be called the MMTA Annual Banquet.  The format was also changed under the direction of Chairman McCurdy to include an entertainment component to the night’s festivities.

Two major trucking policy issues were successfully addressed by the Maine legislature in 2011; making it against public policy for shippers to add an indemnification provision (hold harmless) in a trucking contract as well as Maine adopting a trucking-specific definition of an independent contractor (owner-operator) for workers’ compensation.

In 2011, Jim was awarded the Maine Small Businessman of the Year by the Small Business Administration.  He is a private pilot and lives in Hampden with wife Jeanne.


We're currently gathering updates to the vast history of our great Association and will post it here once complete - keep checking back!