MMTA Safety Director of the Year

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The Safety Director of the Year award is presented annually to the motor carrier safety professional who’s professional qualifications, safety program, and achievements are deemed most outstanding. The award is sponsored by Great West Casualty Company, and administered by the Safety Management Council of the Maine Motor Transport Association.

Nominations are solicited from members of Maine Motor Transport Association through newsletters, Maine Motor Transport News, and The nominations will be judged by a panel of fleet safety professionals.

Program Objectives

1. To recognize safety directors who have set a high standard of excellence within the trucking industry.

2. To promote safety and advance the level of training and professionalism within the industry.

3. To improve media and public image toward the trucking industry.


Each year, the award recipient will be announced at the MMTA Annual Banquet and presented with an award sponsored by Great West Casualty Company. With the award comes industry recognition for the safety director and his/her employer.


Nominees must be full time employees of a member of Maine Motor Transport Association, and responsible for administering the safety activities of a trucking company.

This award may not be presented to the same recipient more than once. Nominations that are unsuccessful in any given year may be resubmitted in subsequent years.

Selection Criteria

Entries will be screened by MMTA Staff for completeness and eligibility. Qualified nominations will then be forwarded to the selection committee for final selection. Nominees will be evaluated on the following criteria:

1. Professional qualifications
2. Experience
3. Motor Carriers Safety Rating
4. Participation in professional and safety organizations, including MMTA Safety Council
5. Cooperation with government authorities who have regulatory control or affect the operation of the motor carrier.
6. Innovative safety programs

As a condition of the application, MMTA reserves the right to verify any and all information contained in the application. All information contained in the application will be kept confidential.

How to Nominate a Safety Director

Any person or organization, including oneself, may submit an application on the form provided. Application materials will be available on-line at or by calling Maine Motor Transport Association at 623-4128.

The application must be completed in its entirety and submitted by November 15. Please fill out each part and label it for easy reference. Additional sheets and supporting documentation may be added to the application as appendices.

Questions concerning the application should be directed to Tim Doyle at MMTA.

Part 1: Nomination Form (click here to download)

Part 2: Professional Qualifications: Attach resume detailing work experience, education, training, and awards received. Be sure to include all positions held and dates of employment. Also include job description and duties for each position.

Part 3: Motor Carrier Safety Rating: Attach current copy of the safety rating from FMCSA.

Part 4: List all professional and safety organization in which you participate and detail any positions held within those organizations. Include dates of participation.

Part 5: Innovative Safety Programs: Describe, in detail, your company’s safety program. Please include how you qualify drivers and ensure compliance with federal and state law.

Detail any safety program within the company that you administer, or started. Include any writings, publications, or articles that you have authored that are related to motor carrier safety.