Congress Raises Fines for Operating Without Authority

Goes to $10,000 Minimum Fine

Congress Raises Fines for Operating Without Authority

$10,000 Minimum Fine for Property Carriers

Earlier this year Congress approved a revision to the fine for transporting goods without Operating Authority, raising it from $650 to a mandatory minimum fine of $10,000 for property carriers and $25,000 for passenger carriers.

The MMTA has recently become aware of motor carriers who may be in violation of this section and subject to the mandatory fines and wanted to get the word out.  The violations brought to our attention have involved motor carriers transporting scrap metal to out of state facilities.

When Is Operating Authority Required?

Operating Authority, otherwise known as an MC number, is required if you are hauling commodities for hire in interstate commerce that are not exempt.  This authority is in addition to your DOT number and the cost of obtain operating authority is $300 per authority.  You are also required to obtain a process agent by filing a BOC-3 and your insurance company must file the proper level of liability insurance, most often a minimum of $750,000 for property carriers not transporting hazardous materials.   

If you are hauling an exempt commodity, your own product as a private carrier, or if the commodity originates and terminates within the state, you are not required to obtain an MC number.  A list of “exempt commodities” can be found at the following link.

The link below is to FMCSA’s web site where you can apply for your Operating Authority.  You must have your USDOT PIN number to access your account.  Be cautious as you are charged $300 per authority and FMCSA will not refund for mistakes.  You will also begin to immediately receive calls from out of state vendors trying to sell you compliance services.  Again, be cautious as you may or may not require all that these vendors are trying to sell you.

As with all compliance requirements, Maine Motor Transport Association can assist you with obtaining your MC #, BOC-3, and DOT numbers.  Feel free to contact the staff at MMTA if you have any questions regarding compliance or would like assistance with obtaining your authority.